Activity + Sleep Tracker with Heart Rate Measurement


OLED display

Activity tracking

Sleep tracking

Optical Heart Rate Measurement
on the wrist

Comfortable PU-strap

Detachable main unit

Waterproof up to 30 m

The App

The daily progress, such as the number of steps, burned calories or the sleeping phases

(and much more) are simply summarized in analyzes and can be called up at any time after syncing with the smartphone in the app.



  • 3 daily alarms

Daily Activity Monitoring

  • Step count, measurement of covered distance and calorie consumption, progress indicator
  • Setting of daily goals for steps, distance and calorie consumption
  • Progress indicator provides permanent info about the status 
  • 7-day data storage

Sleeping Monitoring

  • Track sleep status
    (awake, light sleep + deep sleep)

Optical Heart Rate Measurement
on the wrist

  • Current pulse displayed at
    workout mode
  • Pulse recording throughout the day
  • Training Zones and
    Training Zone Alarm


  • Tilt to turn on OLED automatically
  • Bi-direction OLED scrolling to fit for wearing on both left and right wrist
  • Imperial/metric unit selection
  • OTA (over the air) Firmware upgradeable. ie firmware bugs and feature upgrade can be done by providing new version APP

Lithium polymer rechargeable battery

  • Battery capacity indication

Battery lifetime

  • only fitness tracking (pulse measurement off) – up to 10 days
  • fitness tracking with pulse measurement  during the day up to 5 days
  • fitness tracking with pulse measurement and workout mode - up to 24 hours

Battery charging with dedicated
USB adapter

Display- and data-module can also be fixed in the clip and worn on belt, pocket, bra etc.