Blood Pressure Monitor




Indispensable for
health care

Full automatic blood pressure + heart rate monitoring

Perfect readable XL display

Memory for 2 x 60

The App

Keep track of blood pressure and heart rate data!

After the simple synchronization via Bluetooth 4.0, the data are clearly summarized

in analyzes and can be called up at any time with the

smartphone in the app.


Full automatic blood pressure and

heart rate monitoring

Wireless data transmission
via Bluetooth® 4.0

Perfect readable XL display:
Size app. 7,3 x 6,5 cm /
app. 2,91 x 2,6 in

Coloured LED indicator

Classification of values


Memory for 2 x 60 measurements
with date and time

Arrhythmia detection:
warning in case of pulse disturbance


Signal in case of application error

Low battery indicator

4 x AA 1,5 V battery

Including storage bag

app. 11,4 x 11,4 x 5,9 cm /
app. 4,49 x 4,49 x 2,32 in

Average of all saved measured values morning and evening blood pressure

of the recent 7 days!